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Stylo G & Jacob Plant - Bike Engine

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Editorial | Color | VFX | Finishing | Mastering

Release date: 2017-03-03

Producer Jacob Plant and ragga don Stylo G have released the video for their upbeat single ‘Bike Engine’. Stranger than strange, the Keith Schofield-directed vid takes a comical approach towards issues of gender and sex. There are clips of a woman’s legs without an upper body strolling down the street as she is then surrounded by a group of guys with no lower body. As the men take turns hoping on the women’s lower body, the news spreads like wild fire across the internet provoking an outrage from females, of course with no lower bodies, in various places. As they go to protest, they are met by a muscle bound guy doing some crazy dance, before 360 spinning into the air. If this entire scenario seems overly strange, well, that’s because it is. At the end, everyone then looks at the director as a complete hack. ‘Bike Engine’ is out via Skint Records.



Keith Schofield